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Sharing that connects to your world

For people who love to share daily life, social events, and special occasions—Patch makes mobile sharing manageable, in one place, right where you need it, every time. Unlike other social sharing apps, Patch makes it simple; content is saved right where you left it, in a beautiful, personalized patch completely controlled by you.

Your life is a collection of places in time. Leave your legacy. Your patch. Patch.

Share your world

Patch is a beautiful way to share the right message at the right moment.

Right message, right moment

Drop or discover a patch on the go and connect with people who share your passion or interest. The right message helps you get more out of the places you love. The right moment puts messages at your fingertips when you need them most.

Personalized custom patches

Create and drop patches anywhere so people can share a place, interest, or event. Personalize your patches with great custom banners, beautiful photos, titles and categories.

Make it better

Patch comes loaded with features that help you make patches and messages better. Edit patches and posted messages to make them right. Share messages and patches so people have them where and when they need them most.

Stay connected

Watch patches to know what’s happening from anywhere. When fans post messages to patches you own or watch, instant notifications keep you connected and engaged.

Share your passion

Share and engage with the places and events you love

Sharing amplified

Patch makes it easy and 100% free to post and share beautiful messages and photos instantly for any place or event. Discover a patch when you are on the go and connect with people who share your passion.

Express yourself

Photos add impact and emotion to your message and Patch lets you choose the perfect photo using a huge image library, the camera or your personal photo gallery. We even find photos that users have already shared for the places they love.

Share the love

Share patches, messages and photos to Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and more! Create Patch messages from apps like Twitter, Foursquare, Google Maps and OneDrive.


Patch radar finds nearby patches fast so you can instantly get more out of the places you love. Trending makes it simple to browse, discover and watch the most active and popular patches. Real-time notifications for nearby patches make you part of the conversation.

Designed for you

Dynamic and customizable to put you in control

Make it yours

Patch comes packed with features that let you personalize your experience to fit you best. Switch themes or your profile photo to match your mood. Find the perfect banner photo to deck out the patches you love. Tailor notifications so they work the way you want them to.

Dynamic message stream

Your message stream dynamically adapts to your interests. Start watching a patch and the message history for the patch is automatically folded into your message stream.

Broad Android support

Patch is designed with support for Android devices of all sizes: smartphones to large screen tablets. Smart engineering means Patch runs on more than 99% of active Android devices.

Easy on the battery

Cloud push refresh saves battery life and still keeps you current by automatically refreshing content and delivering notifications only when needed.


Sharing that connects to your world

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